Is Bill Gates the Anti-Christ, a faith encouraging broadcast an important message

In a world of fear, discouragement and increasing restrictions, today in this broadcast I have a Word from the Lord for you to be mightily encouraged and blessed. More revelation, more knowledge, more edification. Please share.

A very important message to all those who wondered what suddenly happened, the entire world changed pretty much overnight, from a free world in which we had no restrictions to a world were now worldwide people have very many restrictions and growing;

Going in and out of lockdown, wear submissive masks, no more visible smile, no more handshake, unnatural not so social distancing, fiat currencies on the brink of collapse, vaccinations, WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY?, what are the prophetic alerts and warnings from the Lord Jesus Christ? Bad news and Good news in this message, a must hear and share for all.
Today the 1st nation to go back to a SECOND nationwide full lockdown is ISRAEL, I talk about all this in this PodCast. A vitally important broadcast, don't miss it, listen now and share it

Are you in deception, this is time to wake up and hear the Word of the Lord...

New series teaching, deliverance and prophetic alerts

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